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How much annual electric or oil-based energy could we cut in the Adirondacks by 2013 by adding renewables and reducing waste?:

Homeowners Getting Started

 Start with the Tax Savings

There are real incentives to buy now. This link takes you to a clear description of the federal tax deals that get you started with a 30 percent discount. These are tax credits, were you can lop the entire amount off what you owe, so the savings are real.

New York has its own incentives. You can see how to add them to the Federal deal here.

Consumer Choices Drive Big Dollars

The number one easiest and most cost effective way to save money on energy is found in your home. Most large business tackle energy costs in the buildings as a business cost problem. Most homeowners have enough to do without having to become energy experts too. That's why there is such huge potential in this area.

This NYSERDA interactive map lets you find certified contractors with special skills in low energy building and retrofitting. Use the drop down box to find Energy Star Builders. Then click your county to find out who to contact in your area.

This is the best page to find state funding and tax deals for your project.

Usually you want to find out where your energy is being wasted, and to do that it's very helpful to get a home energy audit. You can find Home Energy Raters by county on the NYSERDA map. Use the drop down box to find Home Energy Raters.

A home energy audit can take up to three hours, and it is best to walk through your home with the auditor to gain as much knowledge as possible. A report is made as well as an analysis of where your home is losing energy and how much you could save by making various improvements. (This is a useful calculatr that actually predicts where you could save money and how much based on a simple survey).You can decide which upgrades make the most sense to you in terms of economics, safety, comfort and the environment. Find the right contractor to install upgrades to BPI standards, thus insuring that your home is as comfortable, safe and energy efficient as it can be. A BPI accredited contractor can also give you access to a number of attractive financing options.

Energy audits look at:
· Insulation of walls, attics, and basements
· Air leakage throughout the home
· Heating equipment safety and efficiency
· Hot water equipment safety and efficiency
· Gas line safety
· Carbon Monoxide sources
· Windows and Doors
· Appliances

For income eligible people, NYSERDA’s Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program will pay for half the cost of approved energy efficiency improvements up to $5,000. Are you eligible?